To Be Served or Serve Others

To Be Served Or Serve

I feel like lately I have not done much serving to others.  It has been more of myself being served.  Those precious souls outside my own family,  taking the time to cover me in support, love, hugs, cards, notes, words, food, and time.  I am much better at accepting service from others than I used to be.  I have learned, in the past couple years, while in God’s Word, that this is an essential part in living.  It is just as important as us serving others.

Allowing others to serve us, whether in a time of need or time of joy brings about the concept of give and take I think.  My hope is that I am able to serve others and not miss an opportunity to do so in the name of our Savior.  I serve because the Lord did so, I do it hopefully to His glory.

Yes, there are times I miss an opportunity, don’t say a word, or do not give that comforting hug.  I can be selfish and not be thinking of others.   I pray though that I am more of a reflection of God’s service than not.  That even when no one is looking I provide aid to others.

Is there a time you can recall being served? There is one particular time that I realized much later that it was an act of service through the grace of God.  It was provided to me  by a group of women I attended church with years ago.  I had moved out to a new house upon separation with my then husband.  The ladies had a house-warming party and showered me with gifts at the new home.  It was a loving time when things didn’t seem so loving in my life.  I will forever cherish the memory and the service these ladies provided me in my time of need.  Although material items were given, it was the act, the love and compassion that forever resonates in my memories.

When I have had my children there have been baby showers and well wishes upon my marriages.  There has been food provided to my family during deaths and support by attendance to my loved one’s funerals.  Prayers ascended to heaven for our God to aid me and my family in different times of life. For these and  many other acts of service I am grateful

Service is something that we can all do, I think it’s just something we have to keep at the forefront of our daily living. (me included)  For example I sometimes feel it unfair that I have to clean up the toast crumbs left behind, or remind older children of things repeatedly, organize dinner,  do the laundry, or make sure homework is completed.  I need to remember these are acts of service for the most precious beings God has placed in my life.  That perhaps, my duty to serve in the name of God, is for just these people right now.  My family.  

So today I’d like to invite you to serve with me.  Take the opportunity to serve another.  It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture or purchasing something large.  A note of encouragement, a home cooked meal, coffee or tea, or just  quick phone call or text.  Join me in serving another in the name of God our Father.  Come back and tell me how it went and how it changed your life!

Grace is a gift,



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