Honesty Days

Honesty Days

1. When the granddaughter makes a special phone call to me to request your strawberry jam it makes totally made my day!  She’s so sweet on the voicemail!  I love to hear Grandma Julie! 🙂

2.  I was quite surprised at the lack of anxiousness and/or excitement on my first day of a new job.  Almost not feeling much at all.  Interesting. #newthings #makingthemostofit

3. I delivered some flowers to my mom and step-dad’s grave this week that our youngest daughter had picked out.  When I visited, the image of the leaves on the dirt caught my attention.  Fall has arrived and no grass as of yet. It just seemed like a small moment in this journey that deserved mentioning.  I also noticed her headstone has nothing to signify she was a mother.  I never noticed that before this day.

Fall at the grave

4. The absence of my spouse is here for awhile.  Wheat sowing and soybean harvest means that I take meals to the field and that it’s mostly me and the little one hanging out.  #farmwifeblues #farmlife

5. Does anyone else dislike it alot when you go to a seminar come back all excited and then you feel like you stumbled over words to explain it to others?  Ya, me too!

6.  18% of people in the USA feel its important to attend church regularly.  That’s so sad.  Only 18%.  Boy, they do not know what they are missing! Seriously love my Sunday mornings!

7. The question presented to us at the above said seminar  “Would your community notice if your church no longer existed?”  That is one to ponder or instead let’s get off our duffs and make sure our community would miss the church/congregation!  Who is with me??? #missionwork #outreach

Grace is is a gift,



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