There Was One, Then Two, Now What

Having two blogs is somewhat of a struggle these days.  I’ve tried to ignore it and hope no one noticed the lack of writing on one or the other.  The guilt is setting in a decision is upon the horizon I do believe.

There Was One, Then Two, Now What

See, I created Pushing Forward with Grace for a writing experiment and it became a spiritual and journal type of thing for me.  I love writing over here as it gives me a place to express myself and inspire others.   This helps with not driving my husband too batty with all my dramatic talking too! 🙂   I need an outlet for processing you know!

In Between the Sunsets of Life was created to share our farm experiences, kitchen fun, and a family type blog.  I basically moved my faith journey and inspirational posts to PFWG blog when it was created.

I have contemplated combining them but can not get myself to commit.  I even have a new name for the combined blog but feel like I am letting go of something substantial if I make a change.  My concern is that those that enjoy my farm side blog will not choose to continue to follow and vice versa for those here at Grace.  If only there was a way to know how to find a balance and know the right choice!

I am somewhat embarrassed at myself  for  struggling with such a non-important issue.  I mean really, it’s not like I do not have more important things to take care of!  But these blogs are a creation of me.  I took a risk when I clicked publish on that first post in 2012 and then again in 2014 and I’m a better person because I did it (twice)!   I have grown as an individual, became a better writer, and am not as scared to share my true thoughts on subjects now.  My dream is to only inspire and help others.  If my tribulation or joys bring inspiration or help, then the time I have put into these blogs is well worth it.

My life is becoming a tad hectic once again so it is time to step back and get organized.  I need to declutter or “rest” as God spoke to me from the bible study this morning. (I love how He does that!)  Too many activities, new part-time job, and being the mom and wife I want to be is becoming stressful.  Time to regroup!

So the question is, do I combine the two, create a new blog, or continue to feel guilty for not writing as much on one or the other?  Do I eliminate one all together?  Please say a little prayer of guidance on this subject for me today if you don’t mind.  You can also offer your advice, I’m willing to listen/read it!

Thanks so much!

Grace is a gift,




5 thoughts on “There Was One, Then Two, Now What

  1. My vote is for you to combine them. Think of it as a marriage “the two becoming one.” In a marriage there is a place for both where sometimes one takes greater prominence than the other (the birth of a baby comes to mind) without reducing the importance of the other.
    I am glad that you noted the need for rest. Too often we think that we will solve problems by addition, when in fact subtraction is what we need (“He must increase, but I must decrease.” John 3:30)


  2. Your faith is part of who you are. If people don’t appreciate those post, they can either not read them or not follow you. Your blog is about you, and doing what is best for you. Stress doesn’t do anyone any good, and is very unprofitable. Since blogging is a good outlet for you, do what is best for you. Combine them!

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