Honesty Days

Honesty Days

  1. A child giggling after farting is something I didn’t used to allow, but after three children I’m fine with it.  (Most of the time 🙂  Now a grown man or woman… not so much!
  2. Did you know that in a private group on Facebook, those in the group can see when you see the recent post?  Yes they can and pet peeve #37 of mine is either like or comment for goodness sake, especially when there is a question being asked!  🙂  Keepin’ it real, I said it’s honesty days!
  3. A hug from someone that is related and that you haven’t seen for a very very long time, well it’s right up there with brownies in my books! 🙂
  4. Love the fall weather but not when there are 80 or 90 degree days thrown in the mix! Only Kansas! #gottaloveourkansasweather
  5. I’m peeved that it costs over $100 to have a ring of my mother’s enlarged to fit me.  I’ve decided being fat has no benefits at all! (As I eat a kit kat, I know, I need help)
  6. There’s this cousin in law I have, never met him face to face, but ya know what? He is very inspirational and shares it on his Facebook.  It doesn’t hurt he is a farmer as well! 🙂 I kinda like farmers! #myhubsfarms #lovemesomeinspirationthroughwords
  7. Money. Oh let’s just not even go there today.
  8. My wrist and elbow are not cooperating!  They tingle and hurt due to the excessive computer work I do now and the embroidery orders that are upon me! Lord, please give the body some help!
  9. I used to be someone that was always to their destination 5-10 minutes early.  I notice now that I’ve been home a year or so that I kinda slide in on the right on time! #notsureifgoodorbad
  10. Adoption series prepping is on the list, totally gotta get focused.  November is right around the corner!#nationaladoptionmonth #nationaladoptionday #adoptionseries15 #inbetweenthesunsetsoflife
  11. Sometimes things workout very well.  The meat is already prepared for our Annual Landlord Dinner this Sunday night!  🙂 Pulled pork it will be! God bless my hubs and his over estimation!
  12. After this post and some advice, I’ve made one tiny baby step to changing things for my blogging part of my life starting in 2016! Baby steps. Just baby steps! #itsallgood

Grace is a gift,



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