Yep, still working on #pfwg44thbirthday

Here is where my team and I are at on the #pfwg44thbirthday challenges!  My 45th birthday is only 8 weeks away so that means reaching 44 each is upon me!

Blood donations are at 40!  Can you believe it?  That is AWESOME!  I’m happy to say that I think we will exceed the 44 donations by December 26, 2015.  The reason I feel confident in saying this is because I have a group of friends that have given me a great gift.


They are organizing a blood drive for December 12th at our church in memory of my mother Frona that passed away August 26, 2015.   I couldn’t have asked for a better memorial!  God bless them! I am hoping many of Frona’s family can join in and donate! An update will occur after the event!


The writing portion of my birthday challenge took a break but it’s back now!  I am sending some pieces of joy via the postal service this week!  I am at 35 handwritten notes, cards, letters have been sent!  I can make this happen I am confident!

So if you have joined the #pfwg44thbirthday challenge feel free to comment and share what you have done!  I’m sure you bring joy to others daily but let’s make an extra effort to make a connection shall we?

Grace is  a gift,



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