Honesty Days

Honesty Days

  1. November.  I will be glad to see you.  My goal is to not over-book myself or my family.  October was hard! #whatwasithinkinginoctober
  2. Listening to days of old and watching connections of new relationships is quite entertaining to me.
  3. That moment when you get a glimpse of the future.  The time when your house will be empty of children and you realize you don’t want that day to come anytime soon. #neverthoughtidsaythat
  4. When my family cleans the house with me I feel extremely loved.  #yesimweirdlikethat
  5. I love it when I’ve been beating my head against the wall trying to get someone to understand something  and they aren’t wanting to listen to me because well… I’m right.   Then someone else says the same thing in our presence later and I just smile.   TWICE! 🙂
  6. Each time I’m in front of the crowd I get a little bit more comfortable.  I’m afraid when I’m comfortable I might scare them all with my enthusiasm though!
  7. Watching your daughter walk into the school in footed pajamas and tennis shoes is quite a sight.  But she loves it, so it’s all good! #redribbonweek #saynotodrugs
  8. Today I will focus on completely prepping the adoption series over on the other blog for next month. I must. I must. I must. #timeisrunningout
  9. Watching your grand kid enjoy themselves and have that huge smile across their face.  Yep.  That’s priceless!
  10. I wrote a post I am very proud of this morning at 4:00 am and also nervous.  But I can’t publish it yet.  It’s not time.  #patienceisnotmyvirtue

Grace is a gift,



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