Honesty Days

Honesty Days

  1. Stretching is so good for me, I hope I can continue a routine of it! Seriously helps! Try it! #olderbodiesneedit
  2.  Sometimes it’s really hard to take the higher road.  I mean it’s a “put you on your knees kind of thing, tears streaming down your face moment, clinching your teeth and biting your tongue” although your heart is breaking kinda thing! #hard
  3. Laughter with girlfriends, seriously priceless. Waiters that play along, so cool! #armondorocks
  4. Watched the CMA’s last night, wondering why now.  There’s not a lot of country music that is really country music anymore.  #myopinion
  5. Thank you to the girls that made my girl sad.  Thank you for making me feel more guilt because I messed up as Mom/Organizer of the Family and got the wrong date for the gathering.  Thank you for bragging about stuff and making he sad.  It made our weekday morning so much better. NOT! #mygirlcanbeunkindbutIputherinherplacewhenIknowaboutit #itsnotevenmiddleschoolyet #friendstomorrowimsure
  6. Having conversations with your adult children is sometimes the brightness of your day.  Although they may not do everything I wish for them, I am proud of who they have become. 🙂 #mommyofadultshasitsperks
  7. While sitting on the couch last night I watched my little girl.  She was enjoying a decent country song that she had never heard before.  I really enjoyed watching her facial expressions.  Then when she asked me about my thoughts I smiled even more.  I should stop and watch her do more “first experiences” more often I thought to myself! #goodmommymoments #firstimeexperiences #lookattheirfaces
  8. Sometimes I am still jealous, even though she’s in the grave.
  9. Is my heart in the right place on this outreach work? #timetopray
  10. As I listened to her words, I could oh so relate.  I sat in quietness wondering if she was the better one in her choice or I in waiting it out.  Similar situations.  Different relationships. Quiet struggles. Life’s journey.
  11. Some of my littlest friends came to visit yesterday at work and it really made my day.  Their little faces bring joy! #findyourselfsomelittles

Grace is a gift,





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