If I Could Write Your Story

Although I’ve had my share of death in the past couple years of those significant in my life, this post wasn’t inspired by my own experience.  I recently had a friend that lost their best friend.  I was familiar with the friend that passed away and my heart aches for her family and friends.  But in seeing our mutual friends posts on social media my heart has significantly ached for her specifically.  The best friend that now has a large hole in her life.  The one, that had seen daily, texted, worked beside, shared life,  only has an absence in it now.  I pray that she (and the family) can make their way through this journey and look to the day when the resurrection will occur and they can bask in not only their loved ones presence once again, but God’s.

Sunset Kansas 2015 July

If I could write your story, I would.   If I could take all your thoughts, your feelings, your ideas, your journey and place them in something written I’d be honored to do so.  Your story matters.

If I could bask in your presence for just one more day, I’d enjoy it.  I’d take you to the places we loved, enjoy the fresh air, and eat your favorite foods.

If I could bring you joy one more time, I’d do it.  If I could hear your laugh, wipe a tear, hold your hand, sit in silence most definitely I would.

But these things are not possible any longer. The truth is……

Only you could truly write your own story.  The one with the authentic feelings, the honesty and depth.  One that encompasses all that you possessed within yourself. My joy would come from the fact that I would be part of the story.

The presence is no more for us.  Only dim reminders of when you were here, and the memories that are now bittersweet glimpses in my days.  But I will take those memories and cherish forever.

The joy we shared was only a speckle of what is given when we are gone.  When we take that final breath and know that truly God exists.  Where we are surrounded by the best story, the best taste ever, and the best part of our life story.

The days of us being together are over for now.  The days ahead will seem difficult for me, the one left behind.  But I will survive in those bittersweet memories, the delicious food we shared, and  I will continue to write my story.  The one that I know the best.  I’m fortunate too, for you are part of that story.

Grace is a gift,




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