Honesty Days

Honesty Days


  1. Although it hasn’t been bright, I know I am still blessed.  That’s the difference in my life now from my young adult life mindset.
  2. The life between the sunsets hasn’t been so bright lately for me.  This is honesty days, I felt I should share that section of my life.  I’m not looking for sympathy or attention, just writing the honest truth.
  3. The story of Moses always peaks my interest when spoke of.  I like his story.
  4. I weigh more than I have ever in my entire life.  Even when I was pregnant with my children.  #nomotivationhere #needhelp
  5. Sometimes taking a walk in the middle of a beautiful fall afternoon between a milo field and pasture is just what is needed.  To listen to the the crisp leaves in the soft wind and the crunch under my feet of the last crops stalks. Clearing the mind is needed and this was a solution.
  6. I think the lady that checked me out at Kohls this past week had a drink or two or three on her lunch hour. Seriously, it was just me and her, the smell almost made me intoxicated!
  7. When your husband makes roasted chicken on the grill and homemade macaroni and cheese for supper you don’t complain.  You just DEVOUR it! #alwaysbetterwhenidonthavetocook #comfortfood
  8. Honestly, when one little birdie tells another little birdie of this one mutual birdie’s absence,  it’s nice to be checked on by the middle birdie. #nomadbirdshere #onlycarehere #threebirdsonenest #iknowonlytheotherbirdieswillgetthis
  9. My bladder disorder is so bad right now.  No I’m not peeing my pants, just living in the bathroom it seems! TMI?  Oh well, it’s honesty days folks!
  10. Bittersweet moments come to me via my own children.  The moment when a recipe I hadn’t thought about for sometime was needed and it was one of my favorites from my mother.  Tears flowed down my cheeks as I know in my heart I will never again taste the Spice Peaches or Macaroni Salad made by her (my mother) hands.
  11. When someone jumps in your car in the darkness of night you are kind of held captive.  Ok, truth is I could have kicked her out but I didn’t. Instead I sat in the car for like an hour or more and gabbed.  #girlfriendsrock #caringperson #notastalkerokmaybesheis
  12. My heart was SO full last night.  Sitting at a table just soaking in the love of friends that are giving of themselves in memory of my mom.  #goodmomentscomefromheartaches #girlfriendsarethebest #thankful

Grace is  a gift,






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