Honesty Days

Honesty Days

1.  My youngest daughter and I are alike in the fact that after about 2 days we can’t handle being cooped up in a house any longer.  We have been lucky enough to venture out a couple times in the last few days.  Today I think we need to run in the house and do jumping jacks because when it’s bedtime she doesn’t go to sleep nearly as quickly! #noschool #winterweather #letmeout #useupenergy

2. There’s a blog post coming soon to let you know………. oh I guess you will have to continue to follow PFWG to find out! #thatwasn’tnicehuh

3. I’m participating in an Advent photo a day challenge.  I think I’m really going to enjoy it,. I have only done one day but it makes me have to think about the type of photo I want to take. Where alot of the time I just snap snap snap.    There’s a word each day and then you post a photo.  For example if you go to your facebook or instagram  and put in #ilcadvent15 my photo for path should show up! Try it! Join in! It’s cool! Here’s the list!


4. When I am among young people with babies and toddlers it make me think of my middle daughter and my heart aches for her.  #hopingforher

5.I am EVER SO THANKFUL for the generator we have. Seriously.  I’m sure my hubs is quite content with spending that amount of money, although we only use it once or twice a year.  Otherwise his wife would not be one he could live with! #generatorsrock #worththemoney #happywifehappylife

6. I have already done most all of my Christmas shopping online.  It’s so worth it.  We made the mistake of going to Walmart for a few regular life items on Thanksgiving late afternoon.  It was an obsticle course to get to the yogurt!  #notmycupofteaanymore #workersinyellowvests

7. I’d like the ice to disappear for various reasons. Some are:  we have cattle we are feeding, I’d like to go get our Christmas tree, my daughter needs to see her friends, my husband needs nicer weather to work on the farm at, safety, electricity back on and linemen safe to work.   Just a few.

8. I am looking forward to this weekend being completed.  Then I am going to just let happen what happens! #notabusyseason #hopingforfocusandrest

9.  Had another earthquake last night.  Second one in a month, didn’t wake me but it did wake my hubs and daughter.  Nothing like sitting up at 4:00 am with the kiddo cause she can’t sleep.  Cuddles are good though!

Grace is  a gift,



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