#pfwg44thbirthday – The Finale!

If you aren’t aware of what #pfwg44thbirthday is, please take a moment to check out the links below.

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It’s a challenge that has been documented for my 44th birthday.  It’s kind of like a television series.  The finale for this season has arrived!  Grab your popcorn, your drink of choice, ice cream, or chocolate and check out the finale of #pfwg44thbirthday!  It turned out pretty awesome due to the help of some friends.

This finale begins with my Mother passing away in August of this year.  A group of some of my closest friends decided instead of giving flowers or monetary gifts as a memorial they would do something different.

Mother and I 2014

I must say this act of kindness has brought much to me personally than I can even put into words.  And along the way it has helped others a well, which is even better!

The ladies chose to hold an American Red Cross blood donation drive in honor of my Mother.  They chose the blood drive because they knew that donating blood was one of my #pfwg44thbirthday challenges for myself.  When they first told me about the plan I could feel my heart just burst and melt at the same time.

These ladies know me.  They get me.  They care about me.  They want to help others and they are really good at it.  The collaboration of these four ladies brought blood to those who are sick or dying, showed God’s love and kindness through each of them, brought strangers together, helped me exceed my goal of 44 blood donations, and honored my Mother’s life all at the same time.

LLL Gals

These friends and I know that they could not have done it without God’s grace and mercy and help.  We do not serve for our own recognition but for what God has placed within us. It’s only through Him that we are able to do these acts of kindness.

Each time myself or someone from the team  donated blood this past year, I have placed a red stone in a candle that another friend gave me.

Red stone display

I am grateful to each and everyone that chose to donate blood and help me on my journey.  Helping others is a key ingredient in bringing meaning to our lives and joy to others I believe.  I’m glad there are others that are willing to do things to bring those results.

Speaking of results, I’m sure you are interested to know where we ended up being.  I’m very excited to announce that we had 51 donations from December 26, 2014 to December 12, 2015!  We exceeded the goal by 7 donations!   WHOO HOO! Happy dance all around folks! This means if each donation helps saves 3 lives, a total of 153 lives were helped!  That is AWESOME!

I also spent the year writing handwritten letters and notes. I reached my goal of 44 this month. I hope to continue writing in 2016!

I am in the process of putting together another birthday challenge for my 45th year.  I will announce it in the near future on my new blog!  Here are some pictures from our great time donating blood!

Grace is a gift,






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