God In My Pocket


The porch swing swayed slowly, the moon was bright and round, the country sounds of some of God’s creations were singing to me last night.  As I sat on the swing, pondering what lies ahead,  I prayed.

In my time of prayer I realized something that I already knew but recognizing it this night helped me to feel some calm.  God has power.  Power that created man, woman, animals, the sun and moon, and so much more.  Power that not only created things but can be loving or a wrath.

I think we tend to look at God as only a loving God most of the time.  One that is here to aid us, help us, fix us. And while He is here for us, He has great power to use at HIS discretion.

Power that can heal a terminal patient or give them peace in death.  Power that can save a child in danger or help them many years later to deal with the trauma inflicted on them.  Power to give us abilities to love, care for, protect, or teach others.  Power that no one else has.

Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every

In realizing this power I have come to find peace with letting go of a particular situation that ultimately I have had no power over.  One that God created.  One that God will tend to. One that God will be there for, no matter what the outcome is.  Even if those involved do not worship Him.  God is real and God has power.  He extends grace although we sin daily.

My own life has had some major hurts, superb joys, heartbreaking moments, and much love.  Whether I recognized or acknowledged it (or not) in the midst of ALL those times “God was in my pocket.”  He provides good and love and care, so even in the bad He is there to aid me with anything.  He provides the strength when I can no longer do it.

la beach club

I will still have bouts of worry and doubt.  I will still battle depression and probably become angry at times with Him. I will pray, I will ask for forgiveness, I will take the sacraments, and I will continue to try.

From this day forward I plan to do my best to remember, I can get through or I can rejoice even more  just because…….



Grace is a gift,



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