Bringing it Down Not just Diabetes – #17



I just read my post from a year ago, boy was I ambitious!  Apparently I lost my luster for this journey cause I did not reach my 10 pound weight loss goal I had! In fact, I lost 3 pounds in that first month and at this moment I am sitting at the same weight I was a year  ago. Some would say that’s better than gaining!  2018 just felt to me like a year of some transitioning emotionally and hitting a roadblock or two and all the while maintaining my weight, not gaining.

As mentioned in my last post I have met with my doctor and my AC1 test results purely shocked me! Seriously!  I am not lying when I say it blew me out of the water!  I can view my lab results about a week before our appointment so I wasn’t shocked going in.  When opened the lab report on my computer I cheered with joy!


That’s the number that came back and it made me very happy. Once again she called me her poster child for diabetes.  I know if I stopped moving and/or slide (even more than I have recently) into the old eating habits I’d find that number high once again!  But it’s good now! Celebration time right?

Well yes but let’s slow down for a minute – remember the cholesterol issue I spoke of last year?  Ya, it’s still hanging around.  217 overall, my LDL is 143, which isn’t super high if you are without diabetes.  But I do.  Unfortunately with the lovely diabetes + high cholesterol = higher risk of heart attacks.  Which both my parents passed away from. ( I have never smoked, they both did during their lifetimes, so I’m one (or many) step ahead, right?)

Honestly – I’m still processing.  20 pounds seems like such a huge mountain to climb in six months.  My depression has played havoc with me this winter season but I will get my act together soon.  I will get that handy dandy spiral notebook out, do some research, and get a game plan going.  I will find what works for me.

I know that my family history shows high cholesterol although some family has good weight and diets.  So come July it may be time to accept the medication but somewhere in me, there’s that fight that changed my lifestyle enough to reduce my insulin resistance.  I’m going to try and go find it now and apply it to this new challenge!

So stay tuned and keep movin!



I don’t care for fish or turkey – at all.  This could be interesting!  🙂



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