Beating Heartbeats – Visual Reminders

I sat in an ultrasound room this week with two of my daughters, the middle and the youngest.  As the little humans that my middle daughter is growing appeared on the television screen I couldn’t help but think of the sonograms I have had over the years.

My first was about 29 years ago when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. During this week’s viewing I giggled inside my head remembering how they put the sonogram on a VHS tape for me.  I was so excited and thought how cool is this!  I still have it, maybe we’ll watch it sometime soon.


During my second pregnancy I had an ultrasound while they  performed an amniocentesis.  Talk about nerve – wracking!  But everything was fine with the little bundle of joy come to find out.  It can be a joyous experience or a scary one when having a sonogram.

Then there was those littles that my husband and I created in a dish and they placed inside our surrogate.  I have some slick paper photographs of those itty bitty beings we won’t meet here on earth.   With the outcome of that journey  the gift of motherhood to my third daughter through adoption came.  We don’t have any vhs tapes, dvd, or photos of her while in the womb.  All we had at the time  was miles between us and her, and no visual until she was 15 minutes old.

Then there was my first grandchild’s ultrasound,that was amazing in itself. Here we are onto the next set grandchildren (twins) and it’s just as exciting for me!

Through the years technology has come a long way to allowing us to see inside the human body.  I’ve been to two sonograms with my daughter so far and there is a moment that really takes my breath away.

Every. Single. Time.

Those little heartbeats.  The ones that are pumping away.

I almost can’t explain how I feel inside but it’s pretty amazing to me.  I can’t keep from smiling.  There is no doubt in my mind that God created not only my three daughters or my grandchildren or even my petri-dish babies.  His amazing power can take us where no technology ever will.




Adoption Series 2015 – In Between The Sunsets of Life – Tashley’s Story


Adoption Series 2015


Our last installment for this series was posted yesterday.  I missed getting it out on this blog.  Please take moment to read a story that was written by my eldest daughter.  It is a story that is dear to my own heart.  Thank you for following our blog and the adoption series!


Tashley’s Story

Adoption Series 2015 – In Between the Sunsets of Life – Michelle’s Story

Adoption Series 2015


This week’s story comes from a mother that began as a step-parent.  She knew in her heart that she was more than a step-parent and loved this little boy quite quickly.

Adoption Series 2015- Dropping the Step & Always Feeling Just A Parent – Michelle’s Story

Adoption Series 2015- In Between the Sunsets of Life- Robin and Scott

Adoption Series 2015


The next family in our adoption series is Robin and Scott.  Robin and I were classmates in high school.  I am so happy to be able to share their story of adoption.  This story includes a son that Robin gave birth to.  Many families grow their family through adoption before or after giving birth to a child.  It’s done for many different reasons and today you get to hear theirs.  Just like many, their adoption story has twists and turns, but in the end joy was brought to their family!


Robin & Scott

Adoption Series 2105 – In Between the Sunsets of Life – Advice from Koren

Adoption Series 2015


Today we are sharing advice in the adoption series.  Koren, from Monday’s post is giving some advice on international adoption.  I hope you find it interesting and helpful if you are making your journey into adoption.

Adoption Series 2015 – Koren’s Advice

Grace is a gift,


Adoption Series 2015 – In Between The Sunsets of Life- Koren & Chris

Adoption Series 2015


Please join me today in welcoming Koren and Chris to our adoption series.   This family traveled to Korea to adopt the little boy they now call their son.

Adoption Series 2015 – In Between The Sunsets of Life- Koren & Chris

Grace is a gift,


Our Stop Along The Way – Adoption Series 2015 In Between the Sunsets of Life

Adoption Series 2015

This is  a piece of our story.  One that I haven’t shared a great deal about.  It was a stop along the way for us.  It taught us much.  It took us places we never thought we’d go. It has hope. It has reality.  It has life.


Our Stop Along The Way

Grace is a gift,


Adoption Series 2015 – Kylie & Greg

Adoption Series 2015

Take a gander today at this lovely story!

Kylie, Greg, and sons


Grace is a gift,


It’s November Once Again! Adoption Awareness Ahead!

Once again it is November.  There are various “holidays” or “causes” that are celebrated or recognized throughout the year.  November is National Adoption Month and for our family that’s important.

Adoption Series 2015

We adopted our youngest daughter domestically in 2008.   As you might recall from last year, we do an adoption series over at our other blog, In Between The Sunsets of Life.  I will be sharing the links on Mondays and Wednesdays to the posts each week in November here and on our social media pages!

I hope you find them interesting, learn something new, show support, and share on your social media .  God has many ways of bringing his grace to our lives, adoption is just one of many.

Grace is a gift,


Adoption – What I want to say

Every time I see a post from the Circle of Love Maternity home on my Facebook news feed I literally smile.  It’s not only the beautiful photos of little babies that get me but the feeling of knowing that someone chose to give their child a family when they were unable to parent.  Circle of Love Maternity Home is unique so be sure to check out their What We Do page.  They did not ask me to share about them, the following is my own opinions.

I have become a Mother myself three times and through a couple different means. One of them being at the young age of 17 and this last time was through adoption at age 37. I have felt many different things through my life in motherhood. I have much respect for the birth parents that choose adoption and I feel they are still parents.   Perhaps this comes from my own experiences, I don’t know.

Mom & P

They ultimately choose to grow another family when they felt they were unable to parent.  They loved their child so much they made a sacrifice to fill the child’s needs before their own and also deal with a large loss for themselves.

I have never met or even spoke to anyone at the Circle of Love Maternity Home, but it has peaked my interest to see where God is leading me.  I have thoughts of different types of volunteering in this big world, perhaps eventually it will be in some manner through children and adoption.  One never knows and I’m not shutting the door on much these days!  I felt moved to share their site although there are many different types of agencies available.  We didn’t use them in our adoption in 2008.

I never met our daughter’s birth mother or father, it was a closed adoption.  There wasn’t a great deal of information either.  We placed our faith in God and made a choice so many years ago to accept what God had given us.  That opportunity so far, 7 years later, has been one of the most rewarding and best things to enter my life. Let me tell you, I said it many times that I was done “having kids” mostly because I did start so young.  God had another plan, I like His better!

If you are struggling with growing your family on your own terms or if you are an unmarried girl/woman unsure what you want to do with the future, don’t hesitate to seek help.

This is what I want to say to each of you.

To the family that is concerned they won’t be able to bond or love a child that isn’t of their blood I want to tell you something.  IF you never take the chance you will wonder forever.  IF you take the chance it could turn out to be one of the most amazing adventures given to you.  I’m rooting for the later and it’s ok that you feel this way. My own spouse felt the same thing when we were adopting, if only you could see him now!

To the pregnant woman (and father) that is carry a gift from God.  Do not look down upon yourself if you feel you are not quite ready or whatever the reason is that adoption had entered your mind.  Seek an agency, Pastor, counselor, mentor, or someone who you feel comfortable talking to about it.  Choose someone who will be objective and not emotionally attached, that can help you look at this from a perspective that will aid you.  Whether it be to parent or not, you need someone to help you.  If you are a teenager or forty something year old, you still need someone.  No matter the choice you pick,  go into it knowing you won’t be alone and that you can do it.  It won’t be easy either way but don’t do anything you are not comfortable with.  As an adoptive mother I want to tell you that although becoming a mother through adoption was really important to me I wouldn’t want you uncomfortable.  I am hoping most adoptive parents feel this way.

Better than what I have to say, watch this video.  It really does let you see things from both perspectives.  It’s a lovely video.

Circle of Love Success

This coming November over at In Between the Sunsets of Life we will host our Adoption Series 2015.  In 2014, we shared stories from various adoptive parents, birth mothers, adopted child, and our own. (You can see them all by clicking here.)  We did this to bring awareness to adoption and reflect the joy there is in the world of adoption.  If you are interested in sharing your story or need someone to talk to about adoption, please contact me at

Adoption Series 2015

Please feel free to share this post so we can find others that want to share their story with the world.  Thank you and remember….

Grace is a gift,