Writing on a Personal Level

I can only speak for myself but when I write, it’s personal.  Which means that my emotions are all wrapped up in the words I lay out on the screen.  That the time and effort I put into each post is a piece of me. Some people may not get that, but high-five to those that do!


I’m not a person that needs to have 1000’s of followers or comments on my posts daily.  If that was the case, I’m 100% outta luck.  138 followers on this blog alone is all I have, in the blog world that’s probably an embarrassing number to share by the way.  Rarely does anyone actually comment on the posts, and if I don’t share on my personal Facebook or Instagram page there are times the views are a total of two.  (Thank you dear sister and husband, you rock!)

That’s how it goes.  That’s reality.

Each post is a personal journey in one individual’s life. My life.  As I’ve said before, writing helps me process.  I don’t write about every single hiccup or joy or smack in the face or delicious kiss I experience.  I write whatever flows from my fingertips and my heart.  Some posts are written in hopes to help others, process my experiences, just for fun, or to just share a song I really like! (love me a good song)

Some of my posts are more important to me than others.  They resolve conflict in my mind, comfort my heart, pull back the drama of reality, or help me say what I wish I would have when I could have to someone.

Some of my posts when I finish writing them (and reading them like 30 times before hitting publish) I truly feel “that was well written.”  A sense of pride fills my chest and  the emotions that go with accomplishing something feel awesome!  It doesn’t happen with every post.  It’s a rare gem in this blog writing woman’s life.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this.  This place, Pushing Forward with Grace and all it holds…. means a lot to me.  It has my heart.  I pour it out in hopes of feeling I’ve contributed something worthy not only my own life but others.

That my children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren will know me a little better than they would have otherwise.  Even if they end up saying (when I’m long gone) “that Grandma Julie was a emotional roller coaster, wasn’t she?”  

Yellow joy

I hope that others remember I am human and I have an emotional tie to this place. These words. The stories that fall from my fingertips.  That even though this place may not be important to them, it is to me.

There’s a whole lot of me wrapped up in here!

I am beyond grateful for the those of you that follow my blog, comment via social media, texts, email, or even right here on the blog.  Thank you for the days you lift me up.  Yesterday was one of them and some of you did just that.  God bless you!

Until next time,




P.S. It’s not always easy for me to click publish and share myself on the blog.  The reason is I see people weekly or daily that read it.  It scares the crap out of me that they will think I’m that crazy emotional roller coaster lady! 🙂



Music to my Ears & Life to my Soul!

Do I have any readers that love music?  I love music although I can’t carry a tune or play an instrument!  Hearing the beautiful sounds from the balcony of our church each Sunday now from a young girl, to an uplifting Christian song on my radio to my little girl belting a tune from the back seat of my car, it all brings life to my soul!

Today I wanted to share some of the music that has been motivating me this past week or so.  I hope you will feel free to enjoy them and also share some beautiful music with me.  Whether it’s country music (especially old-time) or christian or modern, feel  free to share. I enjoy all types of music.
This couple sings some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard.  It’s a mix of christian and country.  If you check out their website or you tube station you will find more songs that are full of inspiration and goodness.  It’s even more bittersweet since Joey is now at home  enjoying what is left of her life on earth and stopped her cancer treatments.


This particular artist Brandon Heath is a christian artist.  I came to know of him through a mission workshop I attended. This particular song is one that reminds me that in my daily living I am in a mission field.  A mission field that is in need of Jesus Christ.  I live in a rural community and my family farms, so the concept of the song is awesome in regards to that too!


And sometimes current country music surprises me.  This song doesn’t make me sad or depressed, I just really like the tune and her voice is awesome I think.

One of my youngest daughter’s favorites to listen to is Joshua Tree, sung by The McKinney Sisters!  She will sing away in the backseat on the way school.  These gals are really talented! Seeing them live is a great experience, you CAN NOT sit still!

This is a new one for me.  It came across the radio last week when I was needing to be reminded I am not alone.  When I felt I was overwhelmed and alone and not sure what to do.   Sometimes just being held and reminded is what we need.


Then we have good ol’ country music!  I grew up with Glen Campbell, Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash, and others.  So when I hear them now it makes me smile and belt out the words to any of the songs!  They don’t make music like that anymore!

Well for now I guess that is enough!  I hope you enjoy and remember to share with me some great music in  comments!


Grace is a gift,


Matthew 4:4 and Seek Ye First

Matthew 4:4

4 But he answered, “It is written,“‘Man shall not live by bread alone,but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”

Each week on Sunday, our current Pastor shares with us a bible verse to memorize.  This one really made me smile.  The reason is because bits of it are also in one of my daughter’s favorite hymns.  “Seek Ye First”

This is the hymn that she asks me to sing at bedtime or when she is sick or just feeling scared.  This is the hymn I had to try to recall while standing in an emergency room trying to get her to stop crying.  The one where I had to sing in front of a doctor and nurse that were stitching her chin up.  I am not a singer folks but for my little girl I did my best.

When this hymn is sung during worship I can’t help but smile when the organ begins to play. I know my daughter is singing it as well.  It is one of those things that brings me joy although it’s quite simple.   Click the link to hear the song. Find out for yourself the joy within these words and music.

Seek Ye First

Grace is a gift,


Word of God In Joy or Sadness

This Year – Less I and Me More Us and We!

I am into 2015 a little ways and I must say it’s going quite well.  I’ve found myself rejuvenated, inspired, loved, and focused.  I’ve come to see that changing, although sometimes difficult can be a releasing experience!  Here I am sitting at my computer and so excited to be share a gift that someone gave me.

The gift wasn’t given in a beautiful box or cute gift bag, or even homemade by my friend.  All she did was click share on her Facebook page.  Because she chose to share something of substance, of encouragement, of delight it brought me joy.  She shared and I received a gift.  So I am wanting to continue that path!

The gift she shared was a muscian. I like music – I like to dance and I feel many things while listening to music.  It’s something I enjoy.  Not only did I enjoy this particular singer’s voice or the upbeat tempo or her bright shining face, I truly love the words of this song.  So much that I have made it my 2015 year song.  I think it goes well with Pushing Forward with Grace.  Here let me share my favorite lines, then maybe it will make more sense.

This year I plan on thinking less of “I” and “me”

I resolve to think of “us” and “we”

This year I can’t wait to see what good will come

Does that not sound like what I was wanting for #pfwg44thbirthday!  🙂  I’m super stoked, I can play this song while I give blood or write letters!

Oh and the other lines in the song, well to be honest I needed to let go of 2014 and no regrets.  My happiness is here and now and living with the Lord by my side has brought me peace.

So, take a moment to watch the video, I promise it won’t disappoint!  Just let yourself live in the moment of feeling good and being happy!  Sharing with others and making 2015 count!  God bless you all! Enjoy!

Grace is a gift,


Spring in My Step

Hit the pavement this morning and I’m feeling GOOD!  It’s a great day, wonderful day, smile on my face day!  Time to take the bull by the horns and make the best of this life here on earth!  It was cold outside today but it just pushed me to be more determined! To accomplish the task at hand!  The walk cleared my mind and got me motivated with alittle help from this song on my playlist!

There I was on the walking path, smiling and walking with a little spring in my step!  I love music! I love how it can lift you up and even on occasion take you to a moment of clarity!  🙂 Whether it’s an upbeat worship beat or an old hymn, country song from the 70’s, or a Christmas song like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and of course I love the Zac Brown Band!

I finish by walking my cool down to this song most days.  I truly love the way it makes my heart feel and it makes me feel special in my own little world! 🙂 It slows me down to remember what’s important in life. That I can do all things through Christ because I am redeemed.

What type of music do you enjoy?  What is your favorite group or song or singer?

Grace is a gift,


Fast Forward or Slow Motion – Building my Story

As I took my morning walk, I had Pandora playing on my phone which is nothing unusal. During this time my mind normally randomly jumps from one topic to another, all inside my head.  It’s pretty busy at times, but today it was at a slower pace.  My thoughts went from fundraisers I would like to begin working on, things I needed to do at home, and landed in the area of my Savior.  The  song below came on, it was a faster version, but I found this one on Youtube and like it for this post.  Take a listen, then we’ll visit some more.

Recently my life has went from going fast full speed ahead to a slow motion mode, like when you slow down a commercial or film and it is just creeping in front of you. The beginning of the song talks about David and the lions, being pulled every direction, and trust only what you can see.  This, to me, describes  the fast forward mode I was living in.   Although most of my life I have worked outside the home, I am currently staying home. Our child is six and spends her day learning what all good first graders learn.  There are things to do, and I have my lists for around the house. Yet I am feeling as if I am a stranger within my own life.

During the time of fast forward all I longed for was a slower lifestyle.  Now that I am in the midst of that I find myself at times grasping to find how I am valid in this life  How I can push forward and begin this new course. I am not in a depression or unhappy, I just feel lost at times.  Uncertainty is not a strong suit of my personality. So here I am, at my Savior’s feet daily.  Perhaps that was His plan.  To bring me closer to Him, to take the distractions of this cacotic life and throw them out the window. To bring my eyes to the place where the foundation needs to be. HIM.

During my search on the internet I found another song from the same group.  I will leave you with it, for I feel the Lord is building a story in me that I must trust only Him to lead.  Sight unseen.  I will spend my days having conversations with him in the midst of my quiet home. I will feel lost but know that He has me covered.  Covered in his grace and He knows the plans he has for me.

Grace is a gift,


Childhood memory

Today I was to publish the post I was invited to participate in here.  That isn’t happening, if you have followed this blog for long, you know my Dad just passed away.  But the reason for the delay is the person I invited is at a conference and I need her information prior to publishing.  SO, check back next week on that.  I did however decide to go back to this post, and get an idea for today.  My mind is full of things I doubt you all would be interested in, so I went to my resources!  I hope you enjoy!


Since the theme seems to be about my Dad lately, let’s keep that going for now my friends!  The childhood memory I would like to share is one where my Dad sang to me.  My Dad was not a singer, but I grew up listening to good ol’ country music.  Johnny Cash, Merle Haggerd, Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, and many more.  If you aren’t old enough to know who they are, be sure to google or you tube them, cause they are country music folks!

One day when I was quite young my Dad and I were in my Grandpa’s orange Ford pickup.  All of  sudden this song came on the radio by the Statler Brothers.

Take a listen my friend.

My Dad seranaded his little girl and it stuck.  I sing parts of the song to my little girl now, I have since she was born. It’s a precious memory.

Do you have a precious childhood memory?  Feel free to share it in comments or journal it for your children, better yet…. tell it over and over so they can carry on the legacy. Good memories are meant to share and hold dear at the same time!

Dad & I


Grace is a gift,