Bringing It Down – Diabetes #8

I realized yesterday morning that Down with the D could mean a couple things.   Diabetes or depression.  Both are in my life.

We traveled for our vacation to an area that enabled me to exercise daily, feel relaxed, and eat somewhat healthy.  We cooked most of our own meals.  I still got on the scale after returning and have decided I need a new scale.

View from the grass

I was motivated quite a bit before leaving for vacation and was determined to keep working towards my daily goals even while away from home.  I was successful and have been reaching my 10,000 step goal all but about one day a week.

Upon leaving beautiful Arkansas and heading towards one more stop before coming to rest at home I could feel anxiety entering my body.  The anxiety led to feeling in a funk and Monday I have felt quite “off” all day.  I do think some of it is from my blood sugars being consistantly on the lower side.   I need to find that balance again, so I feel good most all the time.

Tuesday morning brought more clarity but I am still feeling anxious at some moments.  The walk I took this morning has brought me more than 5000 steps and clearer mind.  Support from a new person came my way and I am utilizing it.

The battle of diabetes is one I am focusing on but the depression still shows up to the party on occasion.  It makes it’s prescense not necessarily by sad faces or tear. It carries the blame when snappy answers blurt from my mouth or the urge to scream erupts within me.  The expression of depression doesn’t take one route.  It is kind and spreads itself in many forms.

I have to admit it was probably a positive to get out with other people last night.  To listen to little kids singing and feeling a loof myself.  Perhaps that is what helped me to visit with my husband in a casual manner last night or  to awaken this morning so much easier.

Mother Daughter Hike

Coming off the high of being somewhere you truly enjoyed and  pulling this thing called life out of  time-out so to speak is hard.  Getting away can give one perspective on many levels and I think this trip did that for me.  The opportunity to realize, alittle more clearer, what I want out of this life I am living.

Until next time,




The View from the Rear

I was really feeling good about myself until I saw this recent photograph of myself.

The width of my backside brought me to a place of …. well……. “maybe I haven’t made as much progress as I had thought.”

Then  my eyes moved to the little girl behind me. The one that is following me.  

That follows my actions, my perceptions, my lead.  She will look instantly to me before answering someone.  (Not sure that this is a good thing but we’ll go with it)  The one that if I am not careful will say she doesn’t like a food because I don’t.  

At this point in life, she doesn’t care what I looked like from the backside.  She only cares that I was there. That I was participating and engaging with her. That I was taking her on an adventure and spending time with her.

Now, don’t get me wrong, she is very interested in my health. Each time I take my blood sugar she instantly looks at the monitor screen or asks me what it was. Which in turn she gives her response depending if high or low or “not bad.”  I have even let her be the one to poke me and test it.

We both love cucumbers, watermelon, chocolate, Dad’s chicken fried rice, upbeat music, cuddles in the church pew, and walking in nature. This child of mine doesn’t care about the width of my hips just that I’m using them to enable me to guide her.

One day, in the not so distant future this little girl will want to take her own path.  She will be the one leading someone, whether that be her own child or not.  This makes me become aware of how I share with her the perception of my own body, my own beliefs, my own guidance. One generation to another carries something with them from the past. I can only pray that her hip width is not something she lets run her life but maintains a healthy lifestyle physically and mentally.

Wrapping up, I have all but forgot the width of my hips and am basking in the joy of watching a child grow up in my home.  A child that I didn’t plan to have following me around but am very grateful it came to be.

Until next time,

Writing Prompt – Write about the beach.

Write about the beach.

I live in Kansas. There isn’t a real beach, or what I would call a beach anywhere close to me.  I have visited one though.  A couple of years ago we traveled to San Diego, California to see our middle daughter and her husband.  Although I would not want to live there, I’m grateful we visited.

The best memory from the beach for me was watching my youngest and middle daughter together.  The personality of my middle daughter is one that enjoys simple things such as the ocean, beach, dogs, and playing.  She got right down in the sand and began to build with her young sister.  The laughter and memories from that day are in my mind and I hope I never lose them.  Little pockets of treasure for me.

The beach

This was our youngest daughter’s first experience with the ocean and she loved it.  The image of her Daddy and her splashing and him holding her.  Another little pocket of treasure for me.

The beach

Remembering back makes me smile.  I’m so fortunate I can recall these treasures.  It wasn’t about the beautiful ocean, the sunset over the water, the dolphins while we ate.  It was the time of family together growing in their love for one another.  My pocket is spilling over with treasure now. 🙂

Grace is a gift,

Writing Prompt – If you could visit anyone….


If you could visit anyone on the planet right now, who would you go see?

When I read this to myself, my brother Rick came to mind.  We don’t see one another often enough and we had such a good time last summer in Colorado.  I am hoping he is able to come home to Kansas this year! (hint hint) 🙂

Then my mind went to a cousin in law of mine, Michelle.  She lives in the lovely state of Colorado.  She is a bubbly bunch of joy and when I’m with her, I always enjoy the time!  To think of it, I think I might get to see her in a couple of weeks at a family wedding if I am lucky! 🙂  Oh joy!

How about that friend Heather, oh yes, I will be traveling to see her in just 10 short days! Oh how I look forward to the conversations to be had and the hugs from her! The best! Our kiddos will love the opportunity to play once again too!

If I could travel to somewhere I would like to take my spouse and head to somewhere quiet, cooler, and in nature.  Just enjoy hiking and the beauty around us.  Ultimately it would be great if we could have the entire family go with us but not this year.  Our oldest daughter is getting married in September so this will have to wait!

Who or where would you like to travel if you could?  So many wonderful people in the world and so many awesome places to choose!  Love our country life but sometimes spreading our wings helps us appreciate what we have at home even more!

Grace is a gift,



Weight-Less Wednesday 4-22-2015

Weightless Wednsdays


I’m not going to write about how I’ve been doing.  I am going to share with you some photos of places I was lucky enough to walk the past couple days.  My husband and I took a short trip to Arkansas for our anniversary, just the two of us.

I’ve decided after this mini-trip and a couple of others we’ve went on, we will probably always schedule our trips to include the following if we can!

  • Nice enough weather to be outside and enjoy nature.
  • Places with walking trails, preferably in wooded areas.
  • Farmers markets near by.
  • Gardens to explore.
  • Restaurants with great food.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed the time I got to spend in this beautiful area of Fayetteville, Arkansas with the one I love!  If I could take my walks daily in such beautiful surroundings my workouts would be much more enjoyable! 🙂

Grace is a gift,


Bella Vista, Ar lake


Nature Trail Arkansas


horses Pratt Place Inn


Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks




Anniversary Trip ARKANSAS