Friendship is the topic today.  I was rambling my way through the house this week and was thinking of each select group of diverse friendships I am lucky to have.  The Lord has blessed me with many women friends and I am grateful daily for them.  Currently in my life there are two main groups of close friends I would say.  Some have known me for a long time, others only a year or so, and the rest, somewhere inbetween.

A couple years ago in the spring I decided to bring my girlfriends from different areas of my life together. I wanted to celebrate friendship and also take donations for the local food bank.  You can read more about that here.  I missed having a gathering this last spring, I’m already starting to plan one for 2015.  I’m hoping to create an annual event and expand it to become an annual fundraiser.  I have big dreams on a shoestring budget, so we will see where this leads us!  The interesting part of that gathering was hearing each person talk about how they knew me and it gave the others insight into another part of me.  I think it helped to grow my friendships, re-connect some that I hadn’t seen in quite sometime, and nurture current ones.  

I try to stay connected to my friends in various ways, and not just via Facebook.  Life is certainly pretty busy for all of us, so that sometimes become harder to do as time goes on.  My one group of friends is normally together, no matter what in February.  Then my other friends, the ones I will call “LLL” well there’s an annual trip in the near future, and I see most of them on a regular basis.  These two main groups are the closest connections I have.  Then there is an extension of others.  The ones we grew up with, that we now see their lives via Facebook.  The ones that you will see in town at a function or business meeting or school function.

I feel each group of friends is essential in my life to help me sustain the life I want to live.  Whether I need to share some not so great news, need a posse of prayers, or have joy to share I have friends I can contact.  Whether it be a private Facebook message, telephone call, email, text, or face to face meeting.  I am blessed and I hope that you life is filled with friends.  Friends that help you enjoy life, challenge you, inspire you, and take the time to be there for you.  

There are 10 women I’d like to dedicate this post to.  They are my closest friends, my prayer partners, my guidance in storms, and my inspiration on days I need it.  Thank you for your friendship, your love, and just for being you.

Grace is a gift,




4 thoughts on “Friendships

  1. Julie,
    Friends are indeed a gift from God. I miss my days of being able to freely travel where ever I please. I have friends from all over the world that I miss dearly. I’ve thought about starting the Facebook thing to keep track of them all. I feel guilty about not being able to spend the time on the phone that it takes to keep up with all of them. It’s just a busy family-time in life right now.
    Wish you a ton of fun in your travels and fundraising on top of that.


    1. Thanks! Friends truly are one of the largest assets in my life! Family first as you know but I’d be lost without my friends I think. They keep me sane and on track when life gets in a whirlwind! Enjoy your family time, it goes SO very fast! Thanks for the safe travels! Raining now!


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