Weight-less Wednesday 2/4/2015

Weightless Wednsdays

1.  I did it! 🙂  I completed the 21 day Challenge and I did it successfully!  I didn’t run to the chocolate or chips stash the moment I woke up on Sunday either! That is a plus for me!  Baby steps folks, baby steps!

2, February is one that is always quite busy for our family.  To be honest I am anxious about handling my eating and exercising regiment this month.  I’m a routine/planner kinda gal.  Being away from home and having opportunities to eat out make it more difficult.  But I plan to do my best during this month.

3. I like to keep track of how many times I eat out in a month.  It keeps things in perspective since eating out is usually more calorie intake and not as healthy, also more difficult in making good choices for me.  January was 10 times.  That’s a lot, but better than it used to be since I am home primarily!

4. I did a kettle ball workout on Sunday. Ouch on Monday, actually to be honest my hip was hurting Sunday night!  But I am determined to start a little strength training.  If I have to do a walking workout indoors or now a strength training I like to use Jennifer Smith.  She has a variety of workouts on youtube but I always enjoy walking outdoors more than indoors!

5.  On Super bowl Sunday I ate not so healthy by evening.  I could tell it come Monday too.  I was bloated  and when I walked it was more difficult.  Just reminds me to keep things in check and moderation!

6. One of my friends shared a dessert with me recently that is healthier but sweet. To be honest I haven’t had a chance to make it yet, but plan to next week.  I would like to share it with you!

If you have a healthy recipe, please share in comments! I need some new things to try!

Grace is a gift,



Yogurt Pie

1/4 c. water

1 sm. pkg sugar free jello

1 cc. yogurt any flavor

1 8 oz sugar free cool whip

1 low fat graham cracker crust

Boil the water. Dissolve the jello in the water, let cool a few minutes. Stir in yogurt and coolwhip, until blended.  Pour into crust. Refrigerate until set.  Can use any flavor you want.  Feels like your cheating but your not!  Yummy!



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