A Dream. What’s Yours?

Is there that something, that one thing, that just sits at the back of your mind that you long to create? That you long to create whether in real life or in your mind?  I have one of those.

I only have pieces of it.  I’ve only come to become acquainted with this dream of mine in the past year or so.  It’s been within me my whole life I’m sure, but I’m acknowledging it now.

Here are a few slices from my thinking……

  • A separate frame building on our property.
  • In this building a living room area that’s large enough to hold several people but arranged cozy enough to not feel scattered when entertaining.
  • A kitchen.  Specifically a modern kitchen with hints of retro.
  • A patio area off the dining room.  Large doors with glass that can be left open when the weather is lovely to extend your space!
  • A patio with an oven on the patio to make pizzas and stuff galore!
  • A bathroom – just the basics.
  • And if we are really dreaming, perhaps a finished attic with twin beds for lodging for our family when they visit!  (Our home doesn’t have room!)
  • No one leaves without a treat or party favor!
  • A place where girlfriends gather to create food and fun, families to create memories together, and couples to have a night out alone.  Church groups and those single people to gather with us to eat a meal.  Can you see it?
  • Farmers to come and eat lunch and visit about implements, cows, and grain prices galore!

Some things still pondering… ok lots of things…..

  • How do you combine modern and rustic and retro together?  Can it be done? hum….
  • How do you bring different people into a rural area to just connect and make memories and new friends?
  • How to create this establishment where I cook what I want, when I want, and others come and just enjoy.  Money is not an obstacle and it’s not a restaurant.  No paying allowed by guests.

Yes it’s a dream.  A big one at that.  But wouldn’t it be fun to see it in action.  To come to a beautiful place to just relax, have dinner, visit, laugh, and learn together!

If the funds in my life ever become too much, I’m thinking this dream, just might transpire.  I hope if it does, you come by and have dinner or lunch.  I promise, you will leave with a full belly and treat to go!

Grace is a gift!



2/11/2015 – starting drawing plans, just for fun.

Photos from This Old House.com

3 thoughts on “A Dream. What’s Yours?

  1. I would LOVE such a facility! And your dream sounds much like Ree Drummond’s lodge that she and her husband redid. Do you follow her blog, “The Pioneer Woman”?
    I would love to have a place to promote the ag life and the Christian life we live.


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